8 Playschool Activities To Boost Kids Creative Thinking

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8 Playschool Activity To Boost Kids Creative Thinking

During your kids’ golden age, teaching them to be creative people would be beneficial. For instance, being creative allows your children to express themselves. Thus, it’s necessary to boost by doing some playschool activities to unlock their creative thinking.

There are several benefits of being creative such as helping our children to manage their emotions, developing their social skills, improving motor skills, and others.

Boost Your Kids Creativity Through Playschool Activities

Looking for several playschool activities that’s make your kids to improve their creativity? Here are eight easy playschool activities for your children.

1. Sensory Play

Sensory play can be an idea to improve preschoolers creativity. It’s great during their learning and development years because sensory play can help the children to helps build nerve connection in the brain, encourages the development of motor skills, also aids in developing and enhancing memory . Moreover, it can help them to build their confidence.

Some play ideas for preschoolers are create a sensory bin, playing with food, plant a garden, and others. You can also use the tools around you to deepen their characters and improve their motor skills. 

2. Art and Craft

Encouraging the children to do some art and craft can also be one of playschool activities. You don’t need many tools to do some craftings, just prepare sheets and watercolor is enough.

Here are several art and craft ideas you can do with your loved ones:

– Preparing a busy box with paper scraps, string, stickers, and others.

– Playing with an empty box to decorate.

– Making puppets from juice bottles, gloves, and kitchen rolls.

– Playing on the computer to make digital art with your kids.

3. Storry Telling

One of the preschool activities to explore your kids imagination is storytelling. This activity helps them to learn communicate thoughts and feelings, increases verbal skills, improving listening skills, and encourages your child’s use of their imagination and creativity.

Reading stories with child also has a significant impact in their golden age. When you read the stories to them, halfway you can ask them an open-ended question or something like “What might happen next?”, so they can be creative to find the answer.

You can show short moral story for kids such as the Fox and the Grapes, the Lazy Girl Story, the Golden Egg, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and others.

4. Science

Not only playing, you can unlock preschoolers’ creativity by science. Kids are so keep exploring new ideas and possibilities.

You can help them to be introducing the theory of cause and effect, enables children to test their ideas, or encourages question asking. Of course it’s so much fun!

5. Outdoor Learning

Not only playing inside the house or during the school time, you can bring your children outside to make them to be more creative. Visit the nearest park and let your children explore.

Spending time outdoors allows more exposure to your children as well as increasing their curiosity, flexible thinking, and helping them increase their energy. It’s also good for their mental health. Here are several outdoor playschool activities:

– Making shapes with muds

– Going to the beach, zoo, or amusement park

– Scavenger hunt

– Playing bubble wands

6. Motor Skills

Motor development is a process that is carried out in a child from birth up to approximately six or seven years of age.

Focus on activities that :

– Increases self-esteem as they learn to increase their independence

– Increases child’s handwriting and drawing skills

– Develop hand – eye coordinating

– help children to develop their own self-care and abilities with everyday tasks

7. Gardening

Next, playschool activities what’s fun is gardening. That activity can reminds child of connection to nature, enhances sensory developments as they feel new textures use their hands, help teach child about responsibility and patience, also ignites excitement when their flower of vegetable sprouts. Very fun, right?

8. Free Play

Last, playschool activities which can inspires child to exploration the world is free play. Free play is unstructured, voluntary child-initiated activity with many many benefits, such as :

– Grows personal resiliences

– Teaches children how to socialize independently

– Boosts problem solving skills

– free play presents the potential for conflict and children need to experience conflict to learn how to manage it in a healthy way.

Spend Your Children’s Golden Age Wisely

When talking about children, bringing the best experience during their golden age will be unforgettable. One of them is by improving their creativity which we can do through several playschool activities. 

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