Playschool at Parklife Bali

Play-based learning for 18 Months through to 6 years old

Learning Through Play

The Foundation

Our Playschool Bali program has been carefully planned out under the guidance of Time For Change, an international educational consulting company with over 29 years of experience in education. Time For Change’s philosophy is to ‘Reclaim Childhood for Children’, with a focus on Play-Based Education in the Early Years, a philosophy followed by PlaySchool at Parklife.

The Concept

The emphasis of our program is on giving children the freedom to express themselves in that magical period of life when everything is an adventure, filled with play, exploration and discovery. We believe children in their early years learn as much through uninhibited play as through formal teaching.

Your child’s day is spent exploring all that PlaySchool at Parklife has to offer. Educational play stations and guided group activities. Free-play time in our beautiful park, combined with calm and creative time in one of our 3 A/C classrooms, making each day at PlaySchool special.

“The combination of Jolly phonics, numeracy, creativity as well as social skills, is key in ensuring we give our children the confidence to express themselves as individuals and gain a love of learning that they will take with them to primary school.”

The Space

There are 3 classrooms, one for each age group;
3-4-year-olds, 4-5-year-old and 5-6-year-olds.

A place to let natural creativity take over through art, crafts and creative play-based learning.
The children are lucky enough to have access to all of Parklife’s play facilities throughout free play times, from the giant play structure in the Mad House, to “the beach” and outdoor playground sheltered under our beautiful trees.

The Benefits


Freedom to roam in our spacious, carefully designed and supervised park and playground

Wide range of world-class play facilities

Vibrant, caring and welcoming staff to enable play and learning

Emphasis on play and the wonders of early childhood


Monthly payment structure

Includes monthly park membership for student

No hidden fees

No long term breaks

Parents are welcome to stay and enjoy the Wifi in the cafe or park and work, or relax on the same site as their children

The Schedule

Full time or part time available from 8.30 am to 12 pm

We offer 3 full-time classes with a maximum of 15 students per class, for:

3-4 years old
4-5 years old
5-6 years old

Baby-Play date

Full time or part time available from 8.30 am to 12 pm

The baby play-date program provides your toddler with opportunities for socializing, developing their motor skills and also exploring their creativity. The classes offer a comforting and nurturing environment for toddlers as they take their first steps towards independent classes. The class is led by an early learning teacher.
We offer 1 part-time class with a maximum of 6 toddlers aged between 18 – 36 months.

Monthly Pricing


Playschool 9.00am – 3pm | 5.200.000 RP

Baby Play-date (3 days) 9.00am – 12.00 pm | 2.750.000 RP

Includes snacks and lunch and materials

Monthly membership to the park

Spaces are limited, please contact us to enquire or be added to the waitlist