The Program

Play-Based Learning – Learning through play

Learning through play to increase their confidence, in that magical period of life when everything is an adventure.

For they are what they imagine and they will become what they believe”

Play School is a play based early learning program, focused on enabling children to learn through play and having a blast at the same time.

Our early learning program activities are designed to include the following :

Sensory Play

  • Which helps build nerve connections in the brain
  • Encourages the development of motor skills
  • Aids in developing and enhancing memory
  • Encourages your child to explore and investigate
  • and simply plot, sensory experiences are FUN

Arts and Crafts

  • Enhances children’s hand eye coordination
  • Builds levels of manual dexterity
  • Inspires your child’s creativity and imagination
  • Helps children to express themselves in their own unique way encouraging self-expression
  • Enhances your child’s decision making skills


  • Increases your child’s willingness to communicate thoughts and feelings
  • Storytelling increases verbal skills
  • Encourages your child’s use of their imagination and creativity
  • Improves listening skills
  • Increases your child’s attention span


  • Encourages exploring new ideas and possibilities
  • Science enables children to test their ideas
  • Science encourages question asking
  • Science introduces the theory of cause and effect
  • IT’S FUN

Outdoor Learning

  • Outdoor learning enhances the love and beauty of nature itself
  • Helps to build your child’s connection to nature
  • Being in nature is proven to elevate ones mood
  • Nature helps to diffuse stress and boosts concentration
  • Outdoor environments naturally inspire children to be more physically active

Gardening Time

  • Reminds us of our connection to nature
  • Teaches the cycle of nature
  • Enhances sensory development as they feel new textures and use their hands
  • Helps teach your child responsibility and patience
  • Ignites excitement when their flower or vegetable sprouts!

Motor Skills

Motor development is a process that is carried out in a child from birth up to approximately six or seven years of age.

We focus on activities that :

  • Helps to develop hand – eye coordination
  • Increases self-esteem as they learn to increase their independence
  • Increases your child’s handwriting and drawing skills
  • Works on gross motor skills helping your child gain strength and confidence in his/her body
  • Helps children to develop their own self-care and abilities with everyday tasks

Simple Math and Phonics

Number sense refers to a group of key math abilities. It includes the ability to understand quantities and concepts like more and less.

Phonics instruction teaches children how to decode letters into their respective sounds, a skill that is essential for them to read unfamiliar words by themselves.

  • Introducing the alphabet through sound and sight
  • Introducing numbers through games and activities as well as arts and crafts
  • Using numbers and letters in storytelling and songs
  • an emphasis on understanding, not only remembering the sequence


Free play is unstructured, voluntary child-initiated activity with many many benefits!

  • Free play presents the potential for conflict and children need to experience conflict to learn how to manage it in a healthy way
  • Grows personal resilience
  • Inspires exploration of the world
  • Teaches children how to socialize independently
  • Boosts problem solving skills