How can you help our family move to Bali? 

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Move to Bali

Living in Bali offers a great opportunity and such a unique experience for young families.

However, we understand moving to Bali involves a great deal of planning, research and decision-making and that is why Playschool Bali appreciates the relocation assistance and support provided by Our Year in Bali.

Simone from Our Year in Bali has been supporting and preparing families to move here for over five years. Her passion is to help young families relocate and she understands what you need in order to set up your life as well as what to plan for before you leave your home country.

With positive feedback from hundreds of clients in over 55 countries, they have a proven track record of successfully helping others move to Bali.

To get started, book a free 30-minute video call to discuss your plans, goals, and concerns, and learn more about the service.

By using Our Year in Bali, you can make informed decisions and be confident in your move to our beautiful island.

Click here to book a free 30 minute discovery call

For more information please read the Bali Relocation Services on the website

Some topics they discuss include:

  • Finding your ideal home (monthly, long term, long leases, sales & purchase, including buying land)
  • Villa information breakdown (what to expect, negotiate, maintenance, budget)
  • Cost of living, budgeting, opening a local bank account, etc
  • School life and routines
  • Best location to live and information about areas and the community
  • Safety and access to doctors, dentists and other medical resources
  • Choosing the right visa and obtaining visas like a KITAS
  • Bringing a baby and young children
  • Child-friendly shopping
  • Grocery shopping
  • Staff recruitment – nannies, drivers, cooks, chefs, housekeepers, pool cleaners, gardeners, personal assistant and more
  • Balinese salary expectations and work customs
  • Travel and Health insurance and medical information
  • Best transport methods (renting a car or scooter, hiring a driver, getting lessons)
  • Cultural information to assist with fitting into local life
  • Everyday practicalities
  • Pre-departure planning tips and advice
  • Settling in and making friends
  • Bahasa language guide
  • Introductions to other families
  • Setting up a business and investments
  • Co-working spaces
  • Buying or creating a business
  • Providers such as housing agents, insurance providers, car/scooter rental companies, doctors, visa agents and more